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Books by Cherie Burns


Diving for Starfish

The New York Times, September 11, 2018 “The Boivin Starfish, A Maritime Yarn.”

The Wall Street Journal, March 23, 2018  " 'Diving for Starfish' Review:  The Affair L'Etoile de Mer'" 

Santa Fe New Mexican,  March 16, 2018    "The pursuit began after a party in New York.  Cherie Burns...." 

Kirkus,  "Quick, fun, easy reading for devotees of high fashion and mystery fans, complete with wrong turns and false friends."

The tale of "one of the most captivating and enduring pieces of jewelry," which would "crawl into the world of collectors and jewelers to enchant and confound them" for more than eight decades. Read full book review >

Booklist,  January 1, 2018

"This engaging romp, spanning the past 80 years, tells of the author’s fascination with an iconic piece of jewelry, the starfish brooch, and the search to trace its history. Riding along, readers learn a lot—how jewelry tastes and construction techniques have evolved; the secretive, select world of the high-end, world- wide jewelry trade, including important players, past and present; intrigues and mysteries surrounding the transfer of ownership of important gems among the rich and famous—hear lots of name-dropping, gossip, and innuendo; and, unfortunately, wind up with lingering questions. Though deliberate miscues, copies and fakes, records in code, and the discovery that there were actually three—or was it four, or five?—originals sometimes temporarily derail the search, what ultimately emerges is a meticulously documented voyage of discovery about this rarefied piece of art and its intricate construction into articulated arms that adapt to fit the contours of the wearer’s body. Entertainment, detective work, serendipity are all here for jewelry and celebrity buffs alike."

— Kathleen McBroom

Quest, FreshFindsFebruary 2018,  "....Cherie Burns takes us inside the secretive world of high-end privately sold jewelry and a hunt for the elusive Boivin starfish brooch."  

Vanity Fair,   What to Read This Month, March 2018,  "Cherie Burns goes deep into the world's most elusive pieces of jewelry while Diving for Starfish (St. Martin's)."

Diving for Starfish Interview that Abigail Adler at KSFR in Santa Fe:

Nikki and Kristen are joined by "Searching For Beauty- The Life of Millicent Rogers" Author, Cherie Burns, who tells the story of Socialite, Fashion Icon, Jewelry Designer, Art Collector, and Champion of Native American Civil Rights,...Heiress Millicent Rogers.